Telemarketing vs. Email Marketing: Cost-effective channels of Marketing

At one point in time we all have come across this question, which one is better? Telemarketing or Email marketing? But before we dive into this lets understand the basics;

Telemarketing or telesales is the process of selling products or services by calling potential buyers and Email- marketing is the act of selling through sending emails to potential buyers.

It all started in 1965 when housewives made calls to sell cookies, later formulated as a common practice with training. It was a very common and effective way of communication back then but with the emerging web, world email became a new way of reaching out to prospects.

Now let us see how both the techniques operate:

Telemarketing is an invasive communication technique, the person receiving the call has no prior knowledge about the call, and so the result is you end up being disposed of by the prospect because he may be getting hundreds of calls like this. Calling has fewer rates of conversion but it is a part of sales.

On the other hand, Email marketing is a more likely opted technique used by everyone today, a prospect might not attend your call but he will more likely open your email if you are targeting the right audience. The chances of engaging your potential buyers’ increases. Your message reaches the target and it is actually an effective way to educate our audience without calling them.

There are 3.5 billion email users today who actively participate in reading, rating and giving surveys.

The world now is more attentive to online data rather than calls though calling is still used but email marketing spiraling more than telecalling.

How digital marketing is taking over the human touch?

Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing methods, there is a debate on what kind of marketing is needed by the businesses. Do you know why?

Here’s why… because a business cannot succeed simply on the basis of high-quality products and a target audience they need marketing for their business to run without which there’ll be no revenue.

Some businesses fail due to bad marketing so it is an important aspect of a business.

Now digital marketing is cheap, it offers an umbrella of solutions to choose from and that is the main reason it has taken over traditional marketing.

Billboards, magazines, catalogs, TV are the old school marketing platforms but where is our customer sitting? Is he into these kind of ads? No

Over more than 5 billion people use cell phones social media to know about things so what could be a more effective way to reach out to them? Yes, Digital ads

Traditional marketing is touch and costly and it also takes time whereas digital marketing is cheap and effective. But does this mean we should lose the human touch we had once on our Customers? No

One thing on top of all is the human touch that made marketing more interesting.

But that is not in the picture anymore, it is decaying slowly and gradually with all-new dynamic marketing techniques.

How telemarketing is important at lower levels of funnel i.e. closure, sales, and demo?

In this modern digitally improvised era people are forgetting the value of telemarketing, there are several tools and techniques which promise to replace telecalling and they have to a certain extent.

But what people are missing out is telemarketing is the only way which helps you get:

  1. Direct contact with your customers
  2. Create high-quality leads
  3. Provides instant feedback

And sometimes all you need is to talk to your customer and the process of selling falls into place.

In sales and marketing, there is an important term called a “buyer’s persona”

Which means knowing your prospects need and having the complete absolute idea of the demand-supply cycle of your prospect when you call a person you can gage an idea about how would he respond? Is he going to take the product? A little push, a little personalization can change the game. You cannot do that over mails, you have an added advantage while on calls. A salesperson who talks to his clients knows more about him than anyone else. And how can you be a perfect salesman? A question that might revolve in your mind, there is a very simple answer to this question i.e.

 “Know your customer” that’s how you can give him his desired solution.

Telemarketing is needed everywhere, be it a demonstration of a product, closure of a deal.

A successful salesman needs it as a skill, and businesses needs it as a success.