Backlinks – are they missing links for your content for better SEO?

Though syndicating content is ‘ok’ and is practiced by all major publishers. Search engines are fine with multiple versions of same content available on the web – But Does it affect your SEO? Find the answer in the post below.

Impact of duplicate content:
While none of the major search engines penalizes you for duplicate content but it does create much of a competition between the original publisher and the syndicators. This may not affect a syndicating website but it takes a toll on the creating website. It eats your organic traffic.

What should be done?
It is entirely ok to syndicate content as long as your syndicating partner gives you credit for the original article. Backlinks are the saviour for both. Promoters should ensure they are credited by syndicators for their effort and backlinks are generated for your original content, as this can not only give confidence to the search engines but also to your content consumers, – and that helps you create a better brand for yourself.

We at contenu media ensure all our network websites and publishing partners give due credit to our original content provider, but also ensure best practices for syndicating the content is followed. This helps us provide a better experience for our readers and also aid creators with a better brand image.

Let us talk if you have a content syndication project in mind. Cheers.